2017 Europe Travels continued

Here’s part two to my travels, I hope you enjoy reading about these very stressful days of my life!

Day 6: against our will we finally had to leave Switzerland! Luckily, the hostel that we stayed at gave us a free bus ticket to the airport which was  very nice of them. Flying to Italy was really nice because it was all over mountains so the view was really nice. Once we landed in Venice we realised that you don’t have to go through customs you can just waltz straight through which is weird. We got a boat ride out to the island, which was one of the worst experiences of my life. I actually thought that I was going to throw up and it was just very ending, I was just praying that the boat would pick up some speed so I could get off it. Venice was a very stressful place, people are literally crowded everywhere! You cannot move! It was also very stressful because we went to find the place that we were staying at and it was impossible to find. When we eventually found it, I’m not even joking here, it looked like a building that had been abandoned for years. All of the windows had bars on them, the door was multi padlocked and it was really scary. We spent a good amount of time thinking that we had been fooled and conned. We did eventually get through to the people and they came and let us in, but I was very very stressed (as you all can imagine). We unloaded our massive bags and headed out to explore. We visited Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Basilica, which is so nice and it has a person on the top of it that looks like it’s doing a peace sign. We had pasta for dinner that night at a place over looking Rialto Bridge and the sunset, what a nice end to the day.

Day 7: this was our last day in Venice so we decided to explore some more. We naturally got lost multiple times and ended up near an art exhibition where two lovely Americans gave us their tickets because they had not been checked so we obviously put on the personas of art loving students who live for all of it. I didn’t really understand much of the art but a speaker was telling everyone about some of the pieces and it did make them seem fascinating. There was also a Picasso exhibition there which was his On The Beach collection, it is actually a really good collection and I think it portrays humans quite well (please do look it up). Before getting on the plane to Rome something obviously had to go wrong and this time the first thing was that I got us on the wrong boat, it was technically the right boat but it was going in the wrong direction so not very useful. This did mean that we went over to the opposite side of the island and that we could then miss our actual boat to the airport. What. A. Palaver. Thankfully, I gave us plenty of time for this to happen so we walked through the small, overcrowded streets that were identical to all the others, crossed the bridge to the original side of the island and got on the right boat to the airport. It funnily turns out that we didn’t actually need to rush because our plane was delayed by two whole hours, which surprisingly were not fun. This plane ride was also really annoying because it said that there was an 8kg carry on limit and my bag was 9kg so I was really stressing but they never even checked. I’m not annoyed that they didn’t check, I’m annoyed that I got more stressed. We spent the evening walking around scary backstreets of Rome and thought that we are going to get murdered. I wanted to make a secret code incase we thought a mugger was coming up to us but Seb didn’t really want to, we just made a deal not to speak near them so they didn’t know that we were English tourists. We saw the colosseum at night which was pretty impressive and we waited like a literal hour at the scary food place for just chips; the chips were super good though.

Day 8: This was the day that the holiday went a wee bit downhill. We started the morning great and super excited to see Rome and all that it had to offer. Heading over to the Vatican on the metro was an interesting experience, my only problem is that I’m constantly afraid that Im going to be mugged by literally anyone. We decided to first experience the Vatican museums which were amazing, the history in them was incredible. My personal favourite was the Egyptian part, and obviously the Sistine Chapel and the Raphael room. It did further my love for ceiling art! The only problem with the museum was that they made us give them our bags to store which obviously scared us and made us think we were going to lose everything. We then tried to go in St Paul’s but Seb started to not feel very well and he didn’t want to stand in the queue. Instead we decided to delay that visit and go to the colosseum. First this place was amazing because I got free entry for being a child and second this place was amazing because of all the history. You can just imagine how amazing it would have felt to watch gladiator fights there. You can also see the the underground tunnels where they kept the prisoners and stuff which is super duper cool. After that we went to the Palatine Hill which were also super cool but we couldn’t explore them very much because Seb started to feel even worse so we decided to go back to the hotel for him to lie down. Once we got back Seb felt even worse and actually was throwing up which was night, he then went to sleep and I was left awake, stressed, worried and hungry (I had no food with me and couldn’t leave without Seb). We also didn’t have any wifi so I couldn’t even watch Netflix. Now looking back at this I didn’t really stress how worried I was about Seb, I thought that he was going to die on me. I spent my night messaging my mum about how I was hopeless and couldn’t do anything.

Day 9: we made our way back to the Vatican but Seb still felt bad so we decided to get McDonalds (because I was very very hungry); it was so busy but I got pesto pasta which was super good. The rest of the day was a bit of a blur because Seb felt so bad, all I wanted to do was go home. I was looking at flights home every few minutes and asking myself whether I could justify spending two hundred pounds on a flight home. Later in the day we had to make our way to a town near the airport that we were getting a plane from the next morning. However, we didn’t have a hotel there because I booked it in the wrong place, but I wont go into details there, so we also had to find a hotel. The town was actually terrifying, I can’t remember why we did this but we went for a walk and within an hour we were given death stares, witnessed two drug deals and walked down a main road where the paths just stopped which was really scary. We did eventually find a hotel that was actually really nice and we just spent the evening watching stranger things.

Day 10: our flight to Sofia was at like 8 in the morning so we had to get up super early and get a taxi to the airport. We didn’t have to wait around for long which was nice. I sat next to an emergency exit on the plane so I had so much leg room and I was responsible for pulling the door open if need be, sadly (but gladfully) I didn’t need to but it would have been cool. This was the only flight where Seb and I didn’t sit next to each other and I had an amazing seat and he had a really cramped seat at the front of the plane. I also felt really bad because he still didn’t feel very well and I had to leave him all alone. When we landed we realised that we couldn’t check into our ‘hotel’ because it was still so early. Sofia is actually one of the most terrifying places I have ever been. Just everything about it was weird, for example, there are shops that are just holes in the walls where you pick what you want from a window and the the shopkeeper will give it to you, they have to do this because theft is so bad. When it was finally time to check in we thought that it would be good to do it so we could get rid of our heavy bags but we waited forever with this other family because the people wouldn’t answer the door to us. Then the other family got invited inside but we didn’t so we just went in anyway, we kept knocking on the door and ringing but this lady just opened the door, said ‘no’ and shut it on us. When we FINALLY got into our room we realised that it was so bad, I can’t even explain. There was a plug socket that looked like it had been blown up, there were crumbs all over the bed and there was a weird wet patch on the floor. You will all be happy to know that we made the smart decision to move to a proper hotel which was absolutely amazing; I have never felt more safe and at home. We then finished stranger things and went for dinner at the hotel which was amazing. It was like I was on a relaxing break. It was also so cheap there which was amazing.

Day 11: we finally got to go home and I saw Humphrey which was amazing. I had a continental breakfast in the morning which is obviously the best thing about going on holiday so I’m glad that I could experience it. We ate the best airport pizza ever and Harry and Lilla picked us up even though it was super late and we all had school the next day so I am very thankful to them.

Overall from this holiday I learnt that:

  • I love British people
  • Cities have the worst smell of wee (even thinking of it makes me want to throw up)
  • Switzerland smells so clean
  • I love England
  • Public transport is my everything in other counties
  • I don’t really need to rely on cars
  • Sharing a bathroom is really scary
  • People abroad are really bad at just staring at you
  • Switzerland is the only good place in the world

I must say that it was an amazing experience and I would just like to thank Seb for taking me (because I am a handful).

peace out – jasmine


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