Travel tale: Jasmine, Lilla and the Four Musicians of Bremen

As some of you might know, just before Christmas Lilla and I went on a kinda impromptu trip to a town called Bremen in Germany. Germany as in the country Germany, like we went abroad, with no adult. And what an amazing trip it was! Just like last time I decided that I would have a little story time and tell you all about it…

Day 1: It was such an early start! The night before I didn’t get my bag ready until really late so the 3am start wasn’t good. Harry drove us down to Stansted, and when we got there, as it was about 6 in the morning, we decided to have a very expensive spoons breakfast- no lie I don’t think I’ve ever actually paid that much for any meal at spoons let alone a breakfast. We did practise some German just incase during it. The breakfast did exactly what we wanted it to and passes the time so by the time we were finished it was time to go to our gate and board the plane. The journey was great- Lilla and I watched The Christmas Invasion and then we basically landed (I love short flights!) The tram ride to the city centre was so quick and nice. Once we got there we saw a glimpse of the Christmas Market but we decided to drop off our (very, very light) bags at Victoria and Sebastian’s house (they were our airb&b hosts). Finding the street in which the house was situated in was easy but actually finding which house was very confusing because there were two 151s and neither had their names on any of the bells; in the end we rang up Victoria and she told us what to do. They were both so nice and we basically lived opposite to each other because they worked nights, so they would sleep during the day. We made it back to the Christmas market and it was incredible- it smelt and looked so good. Everything looked so pretty and everyone looked so happy that it was just a great place to be. The market also went on for what felt like forever, every turning had an entire new section that we had not seen before. We decided to try some pretzels which were so big so we halved them; the pretzels were so good but there was so much dough that I still can’t bare to look at pretzels and we were full for literally 24 hours. We also went on a kind of waltz which had such a big drop in it and went to fast that we were gone by the end. That evening (I say evening it was literally late afternoon) we waddled back to Victoria’s and watched Arthur Christmas before we went to bed. Before that though we had a horrific water scandal. We went to the supermarket to buy some water because I was absolutely gasping for a drink and we didn’t know what tap water was like there- I picked up a big bottle that clearly had the work ‘classic’ written over it. What could be more ‘classic’ than normal, still water I thought. We got back and I opened my bottle and what did I find? The water started to fizz and try to spray everywhere because it was SPARKLING!!!!!! Which is the actual devil in my eyes. Lilla researched it and found out that in German tap water becomes plumbing water and that doesn’t sound appealing to them so they prefer to drink sparkling water all the time- what an actual joke.

Day 2: Lilla literally slept for 12 hours, half a day, 720 minutes, 43200 seconds (as you can tell I’m still shocked). Lilla also started to get a blocked nose so she was very loud as I think she couldn’t breathe at some points. On this day we went to the Science Universum which was amazing. It was at the university so we saw some of that and the building of the museum is so cool, it looks like a clam or a whale head (you’ll have to google it). The museum had so many good exhibitions, there was one part were you could put on blackout glasses and you got a cane so you could be blind, and a part where you could go in a wheelchair. The technology section was super good as was the human and nature. We got to test out the lie detector and a machine that turned your heartbeat into the beating of a drum. We spent over an hour on every floor just testing everything because every part of it was interactive. We were really lucky because it was all in English too! The trams were really weird because you pay when you get on from a ticket machine but no one checks if you have bought a ticket so technically you could ride them for free if you didn’t get caught?? They confused us a lot as you can imagine. That night we went to the market and got some chips which were so good! They weirdly put some red thing over them which is just pepper and salt I think but it was so good that it didn’t really matter. We also finally got some still water which tasted amazing but I am still fearful of drinking water in case I’m being pranked. Also I’m not even joking when I say that everything was paprika flavoured, ready salted does not exist in their eyes which is crazy. That night we watched Zootropolis which was amazing!

Day 3: Lilla slept for like 11 hours which is pretty impressive. We went to a history/culture museum which was so good!! As you can tell we like museums but they are just so fascinating. This museum was split up into all of the continents and had a section about each which was super cool. Oceania had a heart that you could go inside, some really scary totem poles, and an amazing fake great barrier reef that was just so great due to the fine little details in it! Our favourite was Asia because it looked so nice, there were little temples that were so cool. There was an exhibit of rainforest animals and beside it you could put you hand into boxes of unknown things to guess what they were (like in the jungle when you have to get stars) and we both just constantly screamed at whatever fake thing we were feeling, it was terrifying! But if we were to actually go into the jungle and do it with real creature we decided that we would be fine and could totally do it. America was great because there were parts about Little Big Horn (my favourite) and there was a section on films so we just sat and watched parts of star wars. Afterwards we went to Euro shop which is just a really disappointing version of Poundland. We got hungry really early and as it was our last night we wanted to go out for a meal. We went to a place where we knew they sold pasta which was great but I think that we were the first people to get dinner that evening because everyone was looking at us with their afternoon tea and we were eating a full meal. The pasta was so good and you might say that it isn’t very German but last year Germans actually voted pasta as their favourite food so… During our meal we had this German man next to us just start talking to us but we had no idea what he was saying so he just laughed at us which was really nice of him. That night we saw the market is the dark which made it look so amazing and we got some doughnut things before we went back to Victoria’s. On this night we watch Journey to the mysterious island which is an absolute classic.

Day 4: this was our last day!! :(( but we still had the whole day as our flight wasn’t until 6:30pm. We decided to buy loads of stuff with all of the money we still had so we got loads of presents and then we went into a store and they had fleeces so we got them (Lilla’s one is a mini dressing gown that is acceptable to wear outside so as you can imagine she hasn’t taken it off since she got it). Lilla also had never tried apple strudel so we went back to the place where we had our meal and got some there because it looked so amazing and it tasted even more amazing, I just cat explain how good it was. Because waiters don’t just give you your bill relatively soon after you’ve finished we managed to stay there for hours so by the time we left we could just go to the airport for our flight home. The airport was so small which was funny and our flight home was good and safe but we couldn’t get off the plane for an hour because they didn’t have many workers and they were all busy getting people on and off other planes before us, but there was a very British reply of everyone kicking off about how stupid it was. But finally we were home!!

I thought that this one point about Bremen needed its own part of this story because it was absolutely crazy! Before we went we spoke to Albelda and he mentioned that he knew of Bremen because of an old fable called The Four musicians of Bremen. We thought that it was nice and that they just had a little statue for it. We were so wrong. A statue is clearly not enough because they plastered those four bloody animals everywhere. From signs on buildings to logos to even having them on the tram seats- we could not get away from them. Everywhere we turned they were there, it was crazy. I still can’t believe how much they milked the fable. To top it all off the Animals never actually arrive in Bremen in the fable!! I’m not sure whether you all realise to what extent I really mean when I say that they were everywhere, following us.

Overall this was an amazing mini break and I’m glad I could spend my first friend holiday with Lilla! I’m sure we will now never stop buying really cheap flights for a laugh.

Peace out – jasmine



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