Understanding what’s right for you

When you are younger people always tell you to follow your dreams. This advise sounds easy when you think about it but telling this to a child who wants to grow up and be a Doctor Who companion probably isn’t the best, as it might lead to disappointment for said child. Saying that, following your dreams is all well and good until you reach a point in your life when you have to start considering what the right thing to do is and what is expected of you to do.

Therefore today, 8th of January 2018, I decided that in my current state of life, I would drop A-level maths. I see this as quite a big thing to do because I truly feel that for the past 3 years of my life all I’ve been good at is maths. I’ve been so caught up in this label that I decided that it was all I wanted to do, I was going to pick all subjects that had maths involved and I wanted a career where I could do maths all day. Luckily I started to realise this just under a year ago so I changed my A-levels to more science based – Biology, chemistry and maths, with a spontaneous inclusion of Philosophy at last-minute. However, we all know that four A-levels is a lot and I’ve been so busy constantly hating school that I didn’t realise actually how much I wasn’t enjoying maths. I think that it was the fun trips and good grades that kept me blinded. I’d like to think that this was one of those moments when I decided to do the right thing and not what people expected me to do.

When I spoke up today about only continuing with three a-levels, I was mostly met with praise which really makes me happy. I’m glad that people understand that even if you are good at something, you should only stick with it if you enjoy it. Mr Jennings told me today that he originally didn’t talk me out of four a-levels because he wanted me to decide myself – he wanted me to realise my own physical and mental limit, which I have done and I feel a lot better about it.

Maths is definitely something that I will miss but I’ve just decided to start tutoring so I can keep my knowledge – I’ll most probably still do past papers as it’s something to do. However, I can’t go through my life regretting things – if I didn’t drop it I would have regretted it, and now that I have dropped it I’m sure regret will pay me a nice visit but I just have to see this decision as a realisation of my own strengths and weaknesses – something that we should all channel on our own.

Also on a much happier note, I have so many more frees now and to make it better I finally get my frees with Lilla. All we have ever wanted is frees together and now we have them!!! I have FIVE extra hours which is absolutely amazing!!!

I think out of all of this I want everyone to take away the idea that you don’t have to follow your ‘label’ if it’s not what you want and that the most important thing is to realise what you can do – it doesn’t make you weak if you have to give something up, we can’t all do everything.

Peace out – Jasmine


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