You don’t become happy by pursuing happiness, you become happy by living a life that means something.

Over this past week I’ve been think a lot about what life is and how we should live it. Life is a such vast spectrum that manages to cover everyone who has ever existed and ever will exist. What could the meaning of life possibly be? Do we all wake up one day knowing what it is? Or do we spend our entire lives waiting to only be told at the very last-minute? Maybe there are a select few people who really know but can’t tell anyone. Maybe we will never know and that’s just something we have to live with – there goes that word again, ‘live’, what could it possibly mean?

Living your life may seem like an easy thing to do, but as Lilla mentioned before, sometimes we mistake existing as living. And it is universally known that we all make mistakes, as we are only human. But what about animals? Do they spend their lives waiting around for something better to happen or do they seize everything in the moment? Do they see their life as something to take a risk for? To take a chance for?

I think that our biggest problem, as humans, is that we can’t always see life as a temporary measure. With new medicine and the world being a ‘safer’ place, we don’t realise that life could end at any minute; there is a chance that tomorrow you could be hit by a car, or you could have an aneurysm, or you could die in eighty years from old age, but then what, did you finally get to understand what the meaning of life was in you last moment? I really hope you do. I hope that you are able to look back and realise that you managed to achieve something, anything. You might not think that you did something special or important but I hope it changed the world. Maybe it was just a smile to a stranger, but it meant something. I hope that you don’t look back and see regret because, honestly, that would be the worst. Every choice we make is for a reason, whether it’s good or bad, and we have to live with what happens but I truly believe that good things will always come out of those situation, even if you have to dig six-foot under ground to find it.

Another question that has been popping into my head a lot recently is what do I want in life. There are various different answers to this as I’m sure there will be for everyone else, but what if you could only have one thing? Would you still pick something from that list? What would make you the happiest from them all?

I think that most of all, out of life, I want to be content. Contentment by definition is a state of happiness and satisfaction. I think that this is perfect for me. Who wants loads of money if they only ever want more. Or loads of power if they just use it to dictate. Or an amazing job if they are unhappy in it. I want to be able to look at everything in my life and feel content with it. This doesn’t mean that I want to give up my dreams and become a slob because I’m happy with my life how it is; I still want to achieve great things, but I want to be able to appreciate every step of the way there. I don’t want my life to be just an end-goal, I want it to be an amazing, lifelong experience that I wouldn’t give up for the world. I want to be able to stop every so often and look back at where I’ve come from and see that ever step was worth it, because I’m happy and getting to where I want to be. Then hopefully, no matter when I go, I will see it all as being worth it, worth the struggle, worth the heartache, but most of all worth the experience, worth the happiness. I hope that in the end my life means something somewhere in the universe. I hope that my life is worth it.


– Jasmine


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