Ah, the week of PP2

As I haven’t done a life post in a while, I thought that I would give you all a quick update (not that any of you really care).

To start off with, I’m now 17! It was my birthday yesterday and it was actually really good, even though I was at college and had a chemistry progress point (which I will talk about later on). I can now legally drive a car which is super exciting. I should hopefully start soon.

This week has been super stressful/not stressful in the same way. I have been doing my progress points, which are important tests, like mocks, that Isaac does. I’ve been kinda nervous about them because I really wanted to do well, so I can prove to the teachers that I’m not the idiot they think I am and that I am capable of good grades, because apparently my 70% isn’t good enough.

I did my biology pp on Tuesday and I honestly thought that it went super well. I managed to get 82% and I am so happy with it. It is an 11% increase from my last test which is amazing. Hopefully my grade will increase my predicted grade from a B to an A!

On Wednesday I had my chemistry paper, which I actually didn’t have time to really revise for because I was so busy on Maisie’s birthday and biology revision got in the way, but I powered through my module packs in my free before the test and I managed to get 83% (a 13% increase). My score actually made me nearly cry because I was so happy, I truly believe that my teachers will start to believe in me now.

I am yet to have my philosophy progress point, as it is next Friday, but I am super nervous/ stressed about it just because I’m scared that I’ve forgotten lots of the epistemology unit and I know nothing about philosophy of mind so it should be super fun. Briony and Jess have been keeping me going by telling me how I won’t fail and that they won’t let me not do revision for it which is great, maybe this is how Lilla feels when I nag at her to do revision.

Speaking of Lilla and revision, it reminds me to mention that this morning on the train I was helping her and Kieran with their history revision before their test today (which I hope went well for them both) and when the train reached the station a man came up to us and said how amazing it was that we knew so much and that he loved listening in and that he hopes everything goes well. He honestly gave us so much hope and desire to do well that now I feel that if I fail then I will be failing him.

To finish the week on a high note, my philosophy lesson is cancelled tomorrow so I can go home early!!



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