When your philosophy essay is a sham

Hi guys, now that we are in the half-term holiday I though that I might summarise how this term went.

Even though this half-term was only five weeks long, it feels like it honestly went on for ever. I think that my teachers decided to give me loads of new ideas and concepts that are super hard to understand in a very limited amount of time, and give me the second progress point. For example, in biology I had to learn all of DNA and cell division (two really hard, super long concepts) as well as revision for the progress point. Tbh I’m glad that I dropped maths because I honestly don’t think that I would have survived this far without more frees.

As you already know how my biology and chemistry pp2’s went, I thought that I would update you all on how philosophy went. I spent so long stressing about this exam, I spent nearly every night for a week revising for it, the questions were so so so nice, but I don’t think it went too well. I just don’t think that I’m very good at writing essays so my 25 marker was a sham and I am gutted about it. I just don’t think that my head was in the right mindset (not that I’m using it or the fact that I was ill as an excuse) but it does make me feel like I should start actually writing essays instead of just planning them because clearly it doesn’t work as a form of revision. It doesn’t really matter anyway because I was told that even if I completely fail, my predicted grade shouldn’t be effected too much because my teacher understands that we are not in the same position as we will be in next June, which is great. But, no matter what grade I get, I’m really proud of myself for actually revising and learning that I forgot so much.

This half-term was a bit of a mish-mash of feelings because I”m starting to get use to the school I hate so much, the pressure is increasing but I’ve just decided to go with the flow so hopefully next half-term will be super good. I’m now going to spend this holiday relaxing, not thinking about school and regretting all of my choices when I return to reality!!



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