Just a bit of chatter

Hello everyone! It’s been a long (almost done) first week back at school and I am so very tired. However, maybe my tiredness is because of the fact that I wake up at stupid o’clock  to watch the Winter Olympics. The olympics are my very favourite part of the year (every two years). I just love watching people do sports so much which is really funny because I am not very sporty myself. The Winter Olympics is sport on another level, the skill that the athletes have is just so amazing. + just to say that my favourite Canadian duo (Virtue and Moir) won the figure skating gold with such an amazing performance. I am also very proud of team gb with our current medal count of 4.

I feel that this week at sixth form has been kinda chill. I haven’t had to do much work which has been nice but I do need to start doing more work because I keep finding myself not really knowing what I am meant to. I got my philosophy progress point back on Wednesday to find out that I got 68% which I am very proud of because I can see exactly where all mistakes were (like the fact that I didn’t evaluate any points on the evaluation question). Lastly, I had a chemistry test today and I managed to get 84% so I am a very happy kid:)

This is a really nice short post but hopefully I will tell you all next week about my experience at the University of East Anglia.



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