Busy, busy week

These past couple of weeks have been a lot for me because I feel like something has always been happening and I’ve always been so tired because of it.

Last week was an amazing week that I didn’t even wish for, it was the nicest surprise because it snowed! The snow caused me to only have one hour of lessons that entire week because either school was shut or the trains were cancelled. I saw this week as a half term holiday that I didn’t fully get because I went to the UEA, and it was so nice. I got to stay at home, drink hot chocolate and watch films for days. During the whole time I did very limited amounts of school work, I only did bits that I needed to do in case I had to go in the next day – which I never had to do anyway!

I also spent my week continuing to organise the Premiere for ‘Life on the Road’ which was super exciting. On the Tuesday, we filmed some trailers for it which were really funny and really time consuming – who thought that a thirty second advert took so long to film. The actual premiere as on the Saturday evening, so Lilla and I spent the afternoon preparing the buffet (even though we still had a last minute rush at the end) which was presented very nicely, Lilla was clearly showing off her Catering GCSE. The event went very well and the film was actually extremely funny considering the majority of it was just Lilla and Harry sitting in a car (maybe I will write a review of the film?). And to top it all off, the buffet went down a storm!

This last week has just been constant catch up on everything I missed which hasn’t been nice because it has been really full on. They also cancelled Vitae Day because of the snow days which is really sad because I desperately want another day off. I also missed two of my morning trains this week because I’ve accidentally slept in! I even stayed up stupidly late to revise for a biology test which consequently made me sleep in and miss my train so I missed most of my lesson. Luckily my teacher let me sit one paper then and take the other paper home to do this weekend.

I still have so much work to do but as always, I’m avoiding it and writing this post instead, however, I should probably go to sleep or I will miss my train again!



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