Another term done and dusted

As always I have been extremely busy this past couple of weeks as college has been really busy but at least it’s now all over for another term and I get to have a couple of weeks off. I cannot believe that we have all made it through another term, and with only one term left to go year 12 seems to be flying by. This time next year I will be preparing for my exams which is a super scary thought as I really don’t seem ready. Of course I understand that I hopefully will be fine but I just can’t see myself remembering absolutely everything. I just need to keep going as I am now, with an addition if a few more consolidating revision sessions organised my myself and I will be fine.

Since my last blog post there has been a major change at college. Last Friday, SIN announced that there would be an emergency assembly during my philosophy lesson. Nobody knew what the assembly was on and everything was really suspicious around Isaac and Jane, and it was all a bit weird. However, the news wasn’t terrible in some ways, but it was the absolute worst in the fact that the college day has been extended! We now have one hour for lunch so we finish at 3:30, this means that we will have to leg it to the train station as we will only have twenty minutes before the train leaves (and if we miss it we will have to wait seventy minutes for the next one). The good part is that we will be able to go for lunch on Wednesdays now but Sin are also planning revision sessions during this time so we will have to see how everything goes.

I also had yet another biology test last week (you guys probably think that all I ever do is biology tests as j seem to do one every other week) and I did really well which made me happy, im glad that I think I’m finding a good way to revise which helps a lot. On top of this my mum got sent an email of my objected grades which are super good, chemistry got boosted to an A* and biology got boosted to an A, all I have to do now is actually get these grades.

I’m currently dog-sitting and I honestly feel that this is how my life is going to one day turn out to be. All I’ve been doing is watching films that are on TV all day, so far today I have managed to watch 6 films – including Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory and Charlie and the chocolate factory – so clearly all is well.

I attempted to start my personal statement earlier but it wasn’t going anywhere so I’ve decided to postpone that until I can get help, as I’m not too good at making myself sound like a desirable person.

Happy Easter! I hope everyone gets to eat chocolate and have a nice holiday!

– Jasmine


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