25 little things that make me happy when life isn’t massively exciting

I’ve started to rewatch Parks and Recreation over this holiday because it is one of my all-time favourite shows as it makes me so happy. I’ve also been super productive (or I’d like to think that I have been) because the character Leslie Knope is so positive and productive that I just want to be likeher so much. However, I’ve recently been thinking about the little and simple pleasures in life that make me happy whenever I am blue so I thought that I would write them down for you, and in doing so I hope that you do the same and realise that there are good things around even when life isn’t massively exciting. 


  1. Parks and recreation (honestly you guys should watch it).
  2. Booking flights.
  3. Looking up a book online which usually ends up in me buying about 10.
  4. Being a quiz host at the Read’s.
  5. Making really pretty looking mind-maps.
  6. Wearing workout leggings even though I know full right that I’m not going to do a workout.
  7. Falafel wraps.
  8. Getting off the train at Lowestoft station.
  9. Walking/biking in the warm evening air.
  10. Cake from Tofueri (it is to die for, please check it out)!
  11. Ticking everything off my to do list.
  12. Being so excited for dinner that my siblings and I just cook it really early.
  13. Waking up ages before your alarm and knowing that you can sleep for longer.
  14. When we don’t sit near the annoying high school children on the train.
  15. Jake laughing so much that he starts to cry.
  16. Murray Gold’s masterpiece that is the Doctor Who soundtracks.
  17. Watching a marvel film at the cinema in IMAX 3D.
  18. The fact that Jenna is cool with me laying my head on her shoulder whenever I need it.
  19. Having a hot chocolate after a long day.
  20. Packaging that says suitable for vegans on it so you don’t have to waste time looking at every ingredient.
  21. Going on a road trip and belting out absolute tunes.
  22. The new, blue trains that are just beautiful.
  23. When people post pictures of their pets/ basically any animal.
  24. Reading stupid contemporary/ YA fiction.
  25. Getting into a bed with clean sheets.

Thinking and writing these things down has put me in a really good mood and has shifted my focus from dwelling on the bad things in life to being super positive. 

– Jasmine 


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