Avengers: Infinity War review

I am really sorry that I haven’t written anything in about a month, life has been so hectic but I’m hoping to get back in the flow of things from now.

I absolutely love reading reviews and they’re so nice to write so I think because I’ve been waiting for so long to watch this damn film that I should really put down in words just how I felt about it. Just to warn that there will obviously be spoilers ahead, like tonnes of them so don’t read if you don’t want to see them and also don’t bother reading if you don’t like Marvel because I can sure you that this will be a boring post for you.

Summary: it is really hard to summarise this extravagant film but im going tk give it a shot.

We’ve all met the avengers, the guardians and just about everyone in-between, but its time tp truly meet Thanos. This purple dude has kinda spent his life trying to figure out how he can wipe out half of existence and get to watch one of the many suns set over the wonderful dying universe. however, before he can sit and have some peace and quiet he must find all six infinity stones which fit onto a very conveniently made gauntlet so he can wield all the power and complete his task. With the soul stone in visions head, the space stone with Loki and Asgard, the time stone in Dr Strange’s necklace, the reality stone with the collector, the power stone on Xandar, and the soul stones location not currently known, all superheroes of marvel so far must come and work together in order to stop this guy with a skin condition…

The good:

I honestly believe that there are too many good moments in this film so I can’t possibly write them all down (I mean the entire film is amazing and I cant truly fault any of it) but here are some of my favourite bits:

Peter Dinklage getting to play a giant man was probably would of the best things that has ever been on a screen ever. I didn’t even realise that he was part of the film until quite recently and it was not disappointing at all.

Thor is probably one of my top characters at the minute purely because of the fact that he is so funny. Every line of his is an absolute cracker and I am so glad that Marvel finally made Thor a good character because he was just too serious before and it didn’t fit him at all, it only took them about 5 films to develop his character well. He’s also now awesome because he actually can use his godly powers which are sick.

The interactions between Tony Stark and Stephen Strange were just as I hoped they would be. Both being rich, egotistical characters who only really listen to themselves, their onscreen encounters were brilliant, the script perfectly embodied everything about them in the actual very few scenes we get of those characters.

Scarlett Witch is now amazing because her powers are so cool and I literally think she is the most powerful person there. Her scenes with Vision are heartbreaking but beautiful at the same time, him sacrificing himself and forcing her to be the one to do it and then Thanos using the time stone to reverse it all is honestly tragic and painful to watch.

Tom Holland’s Spiderman is absolutely fantastic and never fails to make me extremely happy. Every line he has honestly makes me laugh or literally want to cry. His final scene with Tony is honestly heartbreaking and brings me to tears just thinking about it (and I recently found out that the lines were improv which just goes to show how brilliant he is)!

The scene with Scarlett Witch, Black Widow and Okoye fighting together jus proved how much girl power there is within the avengers and made me super happy.

The bad:

There wasn’t actually anything bad about this film so I will probably just keep saying things I like:

I feel as though Captain America was completely wasted in this film. When he first entered it was amazing and the whole cinema clapped for him, however, I was absolutely sure that he was going to die and that my heart would break, but I was ready for it. Instead he just fought for a bit and his presence wasn’t necessarily needed in any way. I now wished that they had saved him for a post credit scene which would then lead to him dying in Avengers 4 as maybe that would have had a bigger impact.

Tony Stark literally got stabbed and a little part of me died. I thought that he time was up. Instead he got spared and, again, I feel that it was a waste because I honestly thought that he had gone and it shocked me so much. It would have been so sad especially since the start of the film had him and Pepper talking about having children.

I am absolutely gutted that Bucky didn’t get more screen time because I feel like he is going to be such an important part of the future of Marvel but every film he is only given about 5 lines and it’s so confusing. I just want him to be what he deserves to be!

One of the worst scenes (not because it is bad but because it’s so sad) is on Vormir. First we get one of the biggest plot twists for me, because I had no idea about it, which was the return of Red Skull! Second we have Red Skull explaining to Gamora and Thanos that the only was to get the soul stone is for a sacrifice of love. The way Gamora laughs at Thanos for crying because he loves nothing until she realises that she is the reason, because he truly loves her, is a haunting experience and is hard to get through. My only criticism of this scene is that it was so quick, I understand with such a huge film the scene can’t be very long but still, this is a BIG part.

The ugly:

Thanos’ face.

Unanswered questions:

Where are Valkyrie and Korg? The Russo brothers did confirm the Valkyrie did survive or something which is great because I love her and it definitely means that there is hope for Korg!!

How is Iron Man getting home? Last time we see Tony, he is left of Titan with Nebula. I am hoping that Nebula’s ship is good enough to get them back to Earth because I don’t really know what everyone else will do without him (and hopefully Nebula will have a big role because I love Karen Gillian and she deserves everything).

Where is Hawkeye and Ant-man? Where could they possibly be when a giant doughnut ring appears in the sky, they better have good parts in Avengers 4 (I do have hope for Hawkeye) and I’m hoping that Ant-man explains something in Ant Man and the Wasp.

Where’s Captain Marvel? The post credit scene was super exciting and I cannot wait for the MCUs first ever female superhero movie! I just bet that she will be totally cool and will hopefully stand up for herself and kick ass.

Is everyone actually dead? It was so believable that half the people died and that was it, however, amongst the dead/ashed people were Spiderman, Black Panther and Starlord who are three major people for upcoming films (we think) so it is totally crazy that they would have gone. nevertheless, this is Marvel and they did say that there was a big shock so maybe new people will take the reins (hopefully not because they’re my everything).

And finally, what is Avengers 4 even about? So far we don’t really know. As the original Avengers are left and we have seen everyone in the Battle of New York costumes, we are assuming that maybe there is an element of time travel but to be honest I have no clue which is super exciting!

There is so much more that I want to add but I don’t want this to be super long and boring! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed and you can always comment and share your favourite part of the film if you want to. 🙂



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