Avengers: Infinity War… What next?


Hello, and a warm welcome to Odeon. I’m guessing you’re here to lose yourself in the magic of the big screen? And not to be distracted by someone’s phone screen. Ok, here’s the deal, switch off your phones, finish your conversations and relax. It’s time to free your imagination.

As you all should have read, Jasmine has written a review of Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven’t, you should probably go back and read that first (or just follow this link here). In this post, I shall attempt to take a comprehensive look at what we can expect to be hitting our cinemas next year. If you do not really care about the MCU, or want to experience the film without any preconceptions, I suggest you give this post a miss, or come back and read this post next year and see how much is correct. Buckle up everyone, it’s going to be a long one.

Also disclaimer: These are many sources of information, with an input of myself and TheCallumRead’s ideas.

Possible Titles

We’ll start with something relatively un-spoilerish. A favourite for a long time has been ‘Avengers: Infinity Gauntlet’, which doesn’t seem that spectacular, however, it was supposedly leaked by Zoe Saldana (Gamora) in an interview, so even if it was going to be called that, it probably won’t be now. Ever since Infinity War, when Dr Strange says, ‘We’re in the end game now’, there has been many a speculation that it will be called ‘Avengers: Endgame’, which I really didn’t like at first, but it has grown on me. It also seems like quite a conclusive title, and as it is the last film in this ‘phase’ of Marvel films, it makes sense for the title to be something very definitively the end. A lot time ago, Kevin Feige (President of Marvel Studios), and the Russo brothers (Directors of Infinity War) said the title had not been revealed yet because it is a spoiler for Avengers: Infinity War. Recently, they seemed to have backtracked on this statement a little bit, so it’s probably not best to get too caught up over that.

Possible Plot

So this is probably what we all left the cinema wondering, ‘What happens next?’ A time jump is looking extremely likely, maybe even up to 5 years, as Gwyneth Paltrow kindly revealed in recent interview, it looks like her and Tony have a child, so either that is in some alternate reality, or Avengers 4 opens with our remaining heroes coping with the devastating effect of the snap. Also if you’re wondering how Tony Stark gets back to Earth, this will probably not be dwelled on, if at all. If you cast your minds back, Stark and Nebula are the two left on Titan, Nebula brought her own ship, though she did kind of crash into Thanos, and the Guardians also got to Titan somehow, assumably on the Benatar (their orange ship).

With Ant Man and the Wasp coming out in a couple of months, BUT being set before Infinity War, there must be a good reason. With Marvel’s track record of being extremely particular, I struggle to see Feige just chucking it in that slot for the sake of it. By the looks of the trailer, and the lego set which has just been released called ‘Quantum Realm explorers’, it seems highly likely that this film will be heavily based around the Quantum Realm. And we also know that that Hank Pym’s wife (who we know is stuck in the Quantum Realm) is in Ant Man and the Wasp. It seems logical with the events of Infinity War, that the technology that will be introduced in Ant Man and the Wasp, will feature heavily in Avengers 4 and will probably be how they travel through time (obviously if they travel through time).

The following potential plot points are obviously not confirmed, but to save myself writing ‘if this true’ after everything, I’m just going to write as if it is hypothetically true. Avengers 4 will continue to explore the relationship between Cap and Iron Man (I hope they make up because if one dies and they still weren’t friends, that would be very sad). Iron Man, back on Earth, will reassemble what is left of the Avengers (including Hawkeye), and build his own infinity gauntlet. They recruit Ant Man to help them travel through time and space using the Quantum Realm to retrieve the infinity stones from different time periods. Here’s where all those set pictures of the battle of New York from the first Avengers but with Ant Man start to make sense. Thanos finds out about their plans, and becomes hell bent on stopping them.

Several of the older movies will be revisited, and whilst they are trying to get the infinity stones, alternate timelines will be created, eg. getting the power stone and stopping the Guardians from ever coming together. There may get some things wrong for example they accidentally don’t create vision, so can never get the mind stone, so they have to undo what they just changed, and try a different way maybe. But it may be in the process of trying to make things right, things get even worse temporarily.

Thor’s subplot will focus on him assembling an army to challenge Thanos. Captain Marvel will help him. I’m guessing she will get Nick Fury’s distress signal (as seen in the post-credits scene) and rock up on Earth. After her film in February, we will know more about where she ends up when she leaves Earth/and also hopefully they’ll explain why Nick Fury never called her before because ya’ know I can think of some pretty good examples when it might have been handy to give her a ring on that little Tamagotchi that he carried around in his car with him.

Hulk’s subplot focuses on him and Banner merging to become ‘Professor Hulk’. However, he is the one that ultimately wields the Stark Gauntlet against Thanos, but apparently loses his arm in the process. This explains the development throughout Infinity War with Hulk refusing to come out, because they were saving the ultimate hulk-out for the Thanos showdown. Also could be the last Hulk-out if he ends up dying.

Nebula also apparently will get a minor arc throughout the film with her trying to redeem herself, which involves her fighting an evil past version of herself. I think this sounds really interesting and shows how far Nebula has come in her story development. Also I think I’m just a sucker for Karen Gillan because she’s Doctor Who born and bred.

Hawkeye finally shows up! Don’t give up on our favourite Avenger who is never there because apparently he will have a pivotal role in Avengers 4. Apparently there will be a very epic moment with Hawkeye protecting the Stark Gauntlet, maybe from Thanos? Maybe sacrificing himself in the process? Whatever happens, I am pretty confident his role will be key to defeating Thanos because story wise, he needs a really good reason to justify him not being in Infinity War.

At some point Thor and Captain America will fight Thanos. Because of timeline alterations, they have the Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer). Thor gets blown away, but Cap actually ends up wielding the Mjolnir because he finally is found worthy. It’s also incredibly likely that Cap dies in this fight. Especially if Cap can lift the hammer (after making it wobble in Ultron) and if he makes up with Tony Stark, there seems no where for his character to go so it seems his arc will be concluded nicely before he suffers at the brutal hands of Thanos.

There were a lot of rumours that there is a scene with Doctor Strange and a fully CGI character that drained a lot of the budget and it was apparently meant to be in Avengers 4, however this may be the scene in Infinity War with Strange and Ebony Maw so not too sure on that front. It seems likely that it is that as there was some cross over between the Infinity War and Avengers 4 filming blocks.

The fate of the characters on the other side of the snap is still unknown. If the remaining heroes succeed in their plan, maybe they are all brought back at the end? But that seems far too simple, and the idea of going back in time and changing things in your own time-stream seems very very flawed, so lots will probably go wrong. Of course, if they are time travelling, many of the characters who were the other side of the snap, will be in it retrospectively, but it does seem weird that characters like Doctor Strange will not be in it at all, and then just ‘turn up at the end’, especially when we assume he has at least some knowledge of what happens in Avengers 4. Also, Chris Pratt did an interview on set where he was at Hawkeye’s house, so what was he doing there? Either some of them get revived earlier than others/come back, OR maybe in an alternate timeline Peter Quill never went to space and he is just a regular person, who knows?

The ending of the film is pretty uncertain, but I imagine there will be at least some things that they were changed in the time travel business and probably aren’t reversed.

Possible deaths

We all left the cinema worried about the future of all the characters who just got turned to dust, when in reality, we should be very very worried about who is still alive. Iron Man is probably safe. Just because RDJ has said many times he doesn’t want to stop being Iron Man, just take a backseat role, he now has a kid apparently!? And he had his ‘death scene’ in infinity war, it wouldn’t really make sense for him to have another dramatic scene like that in literally the next film. So, after these films, hopefully Iron Man will take the Nick Fury type role in turning up every now and then, helping out, providing tech, that sort of thing.

Apparently, only 2 out of the 6 original Avengers survive Avengers 4. Actually think about that. If Iron Man is pretty safe, that leaves one other Avenger. Captain America is almost definitely dead (sorry guys) but his death will probably be the most epic, saddest, noblest death we have seen, especially if it is agains Thanos. Hulk could just as easily die if he is wielding the gauntlet. Hawkeye is looking likely to have a heroic death, subsequently meaning the heroes can go on and win. There really isn’t anywhere to develop his character. Black Widow was apparently getting her own film, but I mean that has been in talks for a very long time, so maybe not. But she is one of the more likely ones to survive. Thor also could survive, especially since Ragnarok with his new found character, but equally, has lost everything as they really played on in the film, and there really isn’t much for him left to do. I will be really sad if he does die though. My money is on, if only 2 of the original 6 survive, will be Iron Man and Black Widow.

If you think about all the potential deaths now, you feel like Infinity War was nothing. Whilst we are talking about Infinity War deaths, the three ‘permanent deaths’ all technically could be revived in kind of justifiable ways but I personally hope that at least Gamora and Loki stay dead. Gamora we know is ‘in’ the soul stone, but we don’t know if this is physically her, or just metaphorically because Thanos loved her and all that. Loki, is Loki basically. Lots of people speculate that when there is the commotion with the Hulk and Thanos and then Loki ‘steps out of the shadows’ when he says, ‘might I interject’ about showing the Black Order to Earth he easily could have done some magic switcharoo there. So yes technically if they wanted to bring Loki back, they could wangle their way out of it again, but I really hope they don’t. Obviously we know Loki is in Avengers 4 in the Battle of New York stuff because we have seen set pictures. And in the comics, Vision becomes ‘White Vision’, which kinda looks like him when Thanos rips the soul stone out, who is emotionless and no longer loves Scarlet Witch etc. Which I guess could be an interesting story arc if they both survive. Also we never actually find out what Shuri achieves when she is trying to remove the Mind Stone (maybe there is something salvageable)

Also the Russo brothers have confirmed some extra people and whether or not they survived the snap. They either said yes, no, too spoilery, or don’t know. We have no idea what the difference is between don’t know and too spoilery, if there is any or if they were just trying to throw us off but:

Howard the Duck (from Guardians post-credits scene)- Alive

Jane Foster (Thor’s love interest)- Too Spoilery (wth?)

Actor Loki (from Ragnarok when they are doing the play)- Dead

Betty Ross (Hulk’s love interest)- Dead

Korg and Meik- Too spoilery (yayyyyyy praise the lord)

Shuri- Unknown

Lady Sif (Thor’s friend)- Dead (SHIELD really did kill her from the MCU)

Ned (Peter Parkers friend)- Too spoilery

Aunt May- Alive

Nakia (Black Panther’s love interest)- Unknown

The ones that are unknown may just have no relevance to Avengers 4, so they can just be decided at a later date (if not everyone comes back from the snap) or they don’t want to reveal that they are important. I really hope Korg gets to be in Avengers 4, even in some time travel bit through Ragnarok, but if he isn’t, then maybe Thor will survive? Why the heck is Jane Foster a spoiler, time travel? Is her scientific knowledge going to be important in how they build the gauntlet? Ned probably will be just an establishing ‘here is life without Peter shot’, if he wasn’t in Avengers 4, it doesn’t really seem like a spoiler if he died or not, so it seems likely he will be in it probably for a shot.

I think I am done. Now I am so pumped for Avengers 4 but it is a whole year away. If you got all the way to the end, then I am really impressed, and I commend your dedication. Obviously these are all guesses, leaks, theories, piecing the comics together, so it could be completely wrong, but we’ll see. I promise I’ll never do a post this long about Marvel again.



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