Worrying and wise words

This week is once again, mock week. However, this time I’m completing mocks for my a levels, not GCSEs. And to be honest with you, I’m finding it really difficult. I currently have no motivation to do well, I have no desire and it’s really getting me down.

Last year, I always had the ease of knowing everything back to front and I got stressed over stupid little things like not knowing an exact statistic; now, I have so much content  to cover and I am nowhere near to knowing it and for the first time, I’m in actual fear that I won’t get the grade that I want. My hopes are so high and I think that maybe I might be reaching a little bit too far above my physical limit this time around. This is something that I know I will be annoyed about in just a few days time, but I do think that at some point I have to realise and face this front on.

I have biology on Wednesday afternoon, which gives me the morning to do a little bit of last minute revision, but I have the problem of actually knowing what I need to revise because there is so much content that I can’t get through all of it now and I struggle on everything.

Thursday is going to be hell as I have both chemistry and philosophy. Chemistry, for me, is completely pot luck. Sometimes I feel really good with what I know and other times I just face massive doubt. I love organics but I’m not very good at it and there are so many little details and nuggets of knowledge that just don’t seem to stick in my mind, and it causes me to lose so many marks.

And philosophy. Don’t even get me started on philosophy. There is too much to know and I don’t have enough time. so I’ve just decided that I’m going to wing it and hope for the best. I know that I will completely and utterly regret this because I will get a bad grade and this will stop me from liking philosophy forever (my biggest problem in life).

I’m just going to take the advice from my very influential friend, Lilla, and ‘Forget about the exams, just enjoy the week off’.

I also cannot believe that GCSE exams started today and tomorrow will make it a year since my first sociology exam! I did my volunteering today and everyone seemed so chill and it reassured me/ worried me because I can remember exactly how I felt. I did get to help with their biology revision and I even ran my own after school session which I can’t believe kids actually let me do as I know that if I was asked to go to an ex pupils session instead of a teachers I would have laughed and said no! It just goes to show how much trust people will put into you during times of need. It was kinda cool and I did learn some new things that I haven’t had to learn yet/ never will learn!

I would just like to wish everyone who is sitting their GCSEs, AS exams, A level exams or just mocks the absolute best of luck and never doubt your own capability because you are amazing!



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