Watch us wreck the mike! Psych(ology)

Guys, we are definitely back in mock season. Two posts in two days! It’s actually quite late, so I’m only writing this out of tradition really because today was my first mock exam.

I don’t want to sound too cocky because it could backfire horribly but it was actually a piece of piss. I kind of knew it would be all right because I’ve done ok in all my other Psychology exams. Most of the stuff that came up, I was pretty confident on, and the stuff I didn’t really know, didn’t come up so it’s all good.

There is this one flow chart with about 7 different answers that you’re meant to memorise, but I missed that lesson and never learnt it, so I just decided to learn one and put it whatever came up, and amazingly, that was the one that came up. The jokes on them really because I used my own Psychology skills to psychoanalyse the teacher and guess which one would come up on the exam, and I was right.

Part of me wishes I had maybe revised a little bit more, just because I want to get 80% as I got 76% on PP1, and 78% on PP2, so to follow the pattern I really need to get 80% on PP3. But overall I’m pretty confident I’ve done fine, and it was just a chilled out day and I have never been so not stressed for an exam.

I know for a fact History and Philosophy will not go as smoothly, but I don’t really mind because if I crammed loads and loads and they did go really well, it wouldn’t be an honest reflection of how much I know. And I get that the point of an exam these days is to do exactly that. But when it’s mocks, it’s quite pointless just cramming and cramming so you do really well because in the long run, that’s not going to help you remember the content for another year.

I also went out for a carvery tonight which was great because you can never go wrong with a carvery. And Elle came (I hope she reads this because apparently she kept up when she was in Australia) which was cool, and on Sunday she flies to Vietnam (my favourite place) to teach English, which is awesome. And then she goes to Thailand, and then she goes to live in either Canada or New Zealand. So ya’ know, while I’m stuck doing A levels I don’t even want to do, she gets to travel and do loads of cool stuff. When I leave college, I am definitely going travelling. I just have no idea where yet.

Anyways, I am going to end here. But just as a side note I want to wish Jasmine AKA Jazzyben good luck for Biology tomorrow. Not that she really needs it. She will be awesome. And if she doesn’t do well, she’s still awesome.



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