This might just be the beginning of the end…

These blog posts just keep on coming so you guys are getting a treat! Mock season is back and better than ever! Well, in actual fact it’s probably the worst season of mocks ever because A levels are the most difficult thing I’ve ever done. This will most probably be reflected massively on the grades that I get but I’m trying not to care too much.

I had my first mock today in biology. It was an actual sham, I have never had to complete something so hard and felt so tragic before in my life. The questions were literally impossible and it’s just so annoying because everything I did actually revise didn’t come up at all and I’m really bad at applying my own knowledge. I mean this is all my own fault because I gave myself the last two days off revision because I never get a full weekend due to work and stuff, which basically means that I completely wasted 48 hours that could have been valuable for me today and tomorrow. I’m just going to take my grade with a pinch of salt and accept that I could have worked harder and I guess my lesson is learnt. The good ting is that everyone found that paper really hard (like how am I suppose to know what makes up ATP when I was told that I didn’t need to know it:/????) The only questions I think I did well on were basic common sense ones so if I get them wrong I’m going to be angry. I know that I will be disappointed with my percentage because it definitely won’t be above 80% which is what I was hoping for but I guess we all have to fail at some point in order to find the reason that we want to succeed.

I’m already going to call it now because tomorrow will be a sham again, but instead of just one sham, there will be two and probably half a dozen crying sessions too. I’m trying not to be worried about chemistry because it is probably my best subject and I have gone over the bits that I find most difficult. My biggest problem is that I struggle with remembering the definition for everything (because there are about 30 I have to remember)! Philosophy will either go one of two ways: surprisingly really well or unsurprisingly really badly, I think it’s more likely to be the latter. I am actually just writing this blog post as a way of not having to revise but I should actually start doing something.

Also just to mention but the finale of Riverdale is tomorrow and I’m really (stupidly) excited but I don’t get home until six tomorrow so I have to keep off social media all day because I know that I will see a spoiler on the bloody twitter moments!



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