Too blessed to be stressed.

That might actually be the title of a previous blog. I think it might have been, but I looked and I couldn’t find it. If it is, I’m sorry Jasmine (if it’s yours), if it is mine, then I don’t really care. Hopefully this won’t be too long because I am very tired and I need to get up quite early tomorrow (even though it is a day off).

In the morning I had History which I really actually enjoyed. I don’t think I did that well because I couldn’t really remember anything and I made up quite a lot of dates. There was this one dude called Goderich, and I wrote a paragraph about him because I thought he resigned over Catholic Emancipation in 1807. But it turns out he wasn’t even Prime Minister until 1827, and the dude who I thought he was, is Lord Grenville and he didn’t even resign over Catholic Emancipation. He actually died I think in 1807 because of stress or something which is quite funny. The Cold War question was not actually too bad because it was about Soviet expanding the sphere of influence- so ya’ know pretty basic stuff. I know I haven’t done that well, but I know I didn’t revise at all and it’s been so nice not worrying about it, and revising and adding all the stress definitely is not worth the slightly better grade.

Jasmine and I did actually do some revision for Philosophy after our first exam, but then we went out for a lovely lunch because they are the perfect way to prepare yourself for a long exam. I had my third favourite meal, which is Hunter’s chicken.

Philosophy was groovy as well. Surprise surprise I didn’t do that well, but I am confident I haven’t failed it, which is the most important thing. The questions actually weren’t too bad, but the exam is so long and boring- like three hours is really starting to take the piss, and if I ever have to sit an exam longer than that I’ll be really annoyed. Now I have done all my mocks it means I can have a complete day off tomorrow! Not that this whole week hasn’t been days off, but there is still the looming thought in the back of your mind that you have exams.

Overall I am quite happy with the mocks because I tried my best and I have not been stressed at all and I had pancakes for dinner tonight. And Harry surprised us by flying home instead of Lisbon this morning to come and see us as he has a couple of days off. And the Crazy Friday Night Squad were reunited on a Thursday, which is even crazier. These past few weeks, I have realised that it is much better to not worry about exams and just try your best, because in reality, panic revising doesn’t really do anything but stress you out. I just wish people would have told me that sooner. I joke. I know lots of people tried to tell me that.

I might do a post next week or so when I have my results. Tomorrow I am going to see Infinity War again which is exciting (maybe not quite as exciting as the first time now, but Harry has not seen it yet).



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