Stress to success

Hello again!! I have been waiting so long to post this because philosophy has taken what feels like years(!!!) to mark. This is exciting because I feel so happy with what I’ve managed to achieve these mocks, and last term I set the ridiculously high goals of wanting to achieve 80%+ in biology and chemistry, and wanting to get 20/25 marks in my philosophy essays, so now I will tell all what I managed to tick off.

So in chemistry I got 83%, which is an A and is amazing. I was honestly so happy with this because I got 83% in my last chemistry progress point and I now look consistent which is nice. (I also keep getting 83% in module pack quizzes and now my ultimate goal is to at least get this is my actual exams which I really believe is achievable now)!

Biology was fab as I got 76% which is an A, and my year did kinda terribly in this mock and I thought that I had honestly failed it so bad but clearly I over thought every question that I didn’t really know very well but in reality they were worth around 10 marks overall. I am annoyed at myself for not revising more because I could have done better and got the 80% but I am still buzzing after getting this so I don’t mind.

Like Lilla, philosophy was the one exam that I super stressed about and revised for so I am extremely pleased to say that I got 81%!!!!! This makes me so happy because I was worrying over time that I was too confident after the exam. However, I don’t want this exam to be an anomaly so I am going to make more of an effort to keep my knowledge nice and dandy so I never have to stress again (fat luck it will do). I also managed to get 20/25 on both of my essays, and 3/3 in my three markers which has made me extremely happy!

I would just like to say that I am extremely proud of Lilla for what she achieved!!! I’m actually really proud of everyone because I’m such a mum!

I have a chemistry test tomorrow and I really can’t be arsed to revise for it so I’m writing this blog post and watching Love Island instead so wish me luck for that.


p.s. you lot probably don’t care but I’m having a massive problem at the moment of having so much TV to watch, I’ve honestly never had to watch so much and it’s really stressing me out!


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