Doctor Who series one review

One thing that gets me through life is Doctor Who! This show has grown with and shaped me as a person, AND it is probably the single most important reason as to why Lilla and I became best friends!! As this year is very exciting with the new regeneration of the doctor and a regeneration of the show itself too, I have decided to rewatch all ten series before the eleventh starts in September (hopefully); as well as rewatching I thought that I would review each series and the episodes because I do love a good review. + today marks 13 years since the Ninth Doctor regenerated so I thought it might be a good day to upload this. Enjoy!

Rose: way way back in 2005 the show was finally revived and we first got this incredible opener. Believe me, I’m not saying that this episode is perfect as it is nowhere close, but this episode is everything I think about when considering good qualities- relatable companion, quick paced, amazing soundtrack, I could go on forever. Rose is an amazing companion from day one, the fact that she comes from a single parent household and lives on a council estate is the perfect way to show younger viewers that where you com from doesn’t define you! Jackie is incredible (the scene in her dressing gown makes me laugh so much every time), the scene where Rose talks about not having A levels is so relatable, and Christopher Eccleston really does play a brilliant doctor!

End of the world: on the first off earth visit we see the world burn up (which funnily enough was where most of the budget of the first series went, and its not like it’s even that good) which some people might think it boring, but no way Jose, not when the last human, lady Cassandra is around. This character is a masterpiece in disguise honestly, there is literally a scene where she plays ‘Toxic’ by Brittany Spears and I just don’t think that it is appreciated enough. We also get to meet the Face of Boe who is just a big head in a tank but still cool for the future.

The unquiet dead: I’m not going to lie, I have never really liked this episode as I have always found it rather boring and dull. The best part of this is that Eve Myles is in it, I love her and watching her just makes me want to rewatch Torchwood.

Aliens of London and World War Three: the first double! As a child I like these episodes a lot more but now I’m very confused with the timeline and how the Doctor brings Rose back a year late? (if someone could explain how it works then it would be much appreciated). However, I absolutely LOVE the Slitheen, they are so RTD and I love it. They are literally big green things that hide in human skin suits and fart, what is not to like! We also get to meet Harriet Jones who I now believe it probably a tory, which is sad.

Dalek: this episode is set in 2012 which at the time was the future so it is weird watching it back. I think that this was a nice reintroduction to the Daleks which sets up the future final episodes in a nice way. Part of me thinks that the Doctor is a little over the top in this episode but I still love him.

The long game: so for some reason, the Doctor agreed for Adam to come travelling which was a big mistake, everyone hates Adam and he ends up doing something stupid and getting an insignificant end. I always wonder what made RTD want an Adam character in the show, maybe he is just there to show that the Doctor doesn’t give second chances after something completely idiotic (who knows!). Also, lets not forget that Simon Pegg is in this episode!

Father’s day: this is such a sad episode and brings me to tears when Pete realises that he has to die to save everyone. I love how we get to see the doctor angry at Rose because he completely understands how desperate someone can be to bring back the people they love. The only real problem with this episode is that reapers appear because a paradox has been created however, these paradox creatures are nowhere else in the history of Doctor who when a paradox has been created? Just a nice little plot hole. Also, Jackie in this episode is so funny and I adore her.

The empty child and the doctor dances: these two episodes are probably (most definitely ) the best two in the entire series and it is funny that Steven Moffat wrote them. From start to finish these episodes are gripping and slightly terrifying for a child! I still really don’t like gas masks and the thought of one on my face isn’t good. There is also the introduction of my favourite character ever – Captain Jack Harkness! And the fantastic ending of ‘just this once, everybody lives!!’ (and the woman who grows a leg back)


Boom town: this episode is so under-appreciated it makes me sad. This is the gang at their best as we have the Doctor, Rose, Jack, and Mickey (who is also not appreciated enough at all). We also have the Slitheen back, and as a child/ I still do relate the Slitheen woman Margaret with Margaret Thatcher, im not really sure why but it has just stuck and wont go away.

Bad Wolf and The Parting of the Ways: these two episodes are absolute bangers. The beginning section where everyone is on a game show is the best; the fact that Rose is on the weakest link must be so weird now to younger viewers because I can remember when it was THE game show of the day, not pointless or the chase (it also reminds me of the doctor special of the weakest link which is great). Lynda (with a y) is so underrated and it makes me super sad that she never got to travel with Nine because they would have made just a brilliant duo. It also makes me sad knowing that this is the only season of Nine, because I know thatch isn’t liked as much as others but he was still the doctor and at this point nobody knew the direction of the show so its hard to compare. However, his speech at the end to Rose makes me cry, especially the ‘and so was I’ bit.


This series is not perfect but it did etch its way into the people’s hearts which is all that really mattered in the long run. Bring on series two and David Tennant!!



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