Storytime: I almost died today

So today was just a usual bad day at college when the absolute worst thing happened ever!

So I basically left Isaac a little bit late so I should have been walking faster than I was and I was a couple of minutes behind schedule but when I got to the train station the train wasn’t there? Even though the train was meant to leave the station two minutes later! Anyways the train came and was only one coach so everyone squeezed on, and may I add that it was so hot today and the train was boiling, and the train left the station a few minutes late. It was all going fine until we reached Reedham… Kieran and I were busy chatting away which mean that we didn’t realise that the train wasn’t moving on from Reedham station. Eventually we took notice and saw that both the five and six trains from Norwich were cancelled. At about 4:40 (the time we should be getting into Lowestoft) the train conductor told everyone that the bridge somewhere down the line was stuck and that everyone had to get off the train, go over the bridge and wait for the train to turn around so we could go back to Norwich where we would be able to get a bus or taxi home. However, that journey would be awful and take hours. Luckily we found James who was calling a taxi and offered to let us go with him free of charge! So he called and got a text telling us that our taxi was on its way. James called at 4:45 and the taxi still hadn’t arrived at 5:55, so I was going crazy and was fuming with the day. The next taxi that arrived wasn’t the one that we had ordered but the one that Greater Anglia had for people to use, so James told us to get this one and he would wait for the taxi he ordered so he could get his money back. I honestly wish I had just waited…

Our taxi driver was a literal maniac. Down country roads he was going so fast (like he was in gear 6 the whole way) and there were so many dips that I was jumping out of my seat and nearly head butting the roof. however, we got onto the Acle straight and were flying down it at a stupid speed when the car in front of us stopped and the taxi driver just wasn’t braking at all, and he continued to break until the passenger in the seat next to him shouted ‘STOP’ so he braked and had to semi swerve out of the way into the other lane that had oncoming traffic. I have never felt so scared in a   var in my life. I wanted to cry. Everyone in the car were just looking at each other with the most worried looks.

The driver then decided to do a u-turn and head towards Norwich instead. So he drove us all the way to Norwich then home, which we thought would be through Beccles but he went an even longer route through Hales and Somerleyton. It was hell. I finally got out of the taxi at about 7:15. To top it off we realised that our driver wasn’t even wearing a seatbelt and im so angry at myself for not taking a photo of the reg plate because this man shouldn’t be allowed to drive other people around.

The funny thing is that Kieran started work at 5 and didn’t get there until at least 7:30.

I just think that June 20th is just destined to be a bad day for me from now on, as today a year ago I sat my last GCSE exam and left high school forever and this year I almost died.

I hope you enjoyed this very dramatic story (and I don’t even think you understand how bad this was).



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